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Saturday, 3 August 2019

Skin In The Game (3)

Read ? Skin In The Game (2)

When someone is telling you that he or she has a skin in the game and tell you to trust and believe!

Do you understand the moral of story below?

The Hen & the Pig Go To Breakfast

A Hen and a Pig were sauntering down the main street of an Indiana town (yes, this is another shaggy dog story!) when they passed a restaurant that advertised “Delicious ham and eggs: 75 cents.” “Sounds like a bargain,” approved the Hen. “That owner obviously know how to run his business. “It’s all very well for you to be so pleased about the dish in question,” observed the Pig with some resentment. “For you it is all in the day’s work (Hen just sacrifices today's egg and tomorrow another egg coming). Let me point out, however, that on my part it represents a genuine sacrifice.” 

Get it?

Are you losing an arm or a leg when you are wrong?


  1. Snake oils overcome this by "guaranteeing" capital protected or money back or guarateed returns or minimum rental incomes. Some ask you to top-up extra to buy money back insurance, like the 5-yr extra insurance they promote in courts, best denki, harvey norman etc. LOL!

  2. i got an experience with Harvey Norman 3rd and 4th year extended warranty on my TV.

    If not repairable, they will replace your TV with similar TV as similar as possible in $value but unable to match up to the features of my old TV, i was not happy.

    After to & fro negotiating (at times more like haggling, i am a loyal fan of HN ma, buy a lot of things from them throughout the years); HN finally agreed to refund me the purchased price provivded i use the money to buy "something" from them.

    Of course i top up $400 to $600 to buy a better TV and purchased another 3rd and 4th year warranty.

    i have a brand new, current year production, all round updated Android TV.

    The picture quality is of course very much better.

    So don't laugh at HN's 3rd and 4th year TV warranty.

    It is really worth it because usually the 4th or 5th years TV started to misbehave.

    And if your TV display panel breakdowns, without warranty, U can say goodbye to your TV.

    So people who repair TV told me it is advisable to cover 4th & 5th warranty because of the display panel.
    Now 1 to 3 years by SONY.

  3. Replies
    1. Warranty is more on betting on bad luck happening

    2. So far my former TV display panel broke down at least twice under Sony warranty of 1st to 3rd year, then almost a few months left of 5th year under HN.

      The problem is display panel can malfunction in so many ways.

      U are right the question is it worth paying insurance money for the 4th and 5th for TV.

      We can also ask the question why only until 5th year.

      i think for TV is worth it because of display panel can breakdown quite easily.

      They said premium for insurance should be within 15 to 20 % of purchased price.

    3. Forget to add, under HN they came for minor repairs at least twice.

      Maybe when Sony offers only one year Warranty, then
      it is time not to buy Ext. warranty.

    4. Yes most repairs are on the spot, except changing of panel. They will bring panel if U can describe exactly the faulty symptoms.

      Human beings getting smarter & smarter. All repairs in module. PCBs are passe..
      Now my current TV power unit is an external module by itself. Just like a phone charger.

  4. Actually i said it earlier, the best answer should be the TV repair man.


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