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Sunday, 3 February 2019

Yield of dreams: Investors have "a once in a lifetime opportunity" in blue chips (6)

Read? Yield of dreams: Investors have "a once in a lifetime opportunity" in blue chips (5)

Singapore Man of Leisure 3 February 2019 at 10:29:00 GMT+8


I'll take that as a sign of capitulation that you no longer confident of securing new 10 baggers in the future ;)

Those days of glory are probably behind you...

Fully understand. 

Walking down the mountain...

CW8888 :

Time passed fast!

19 years (Jan 2000 to 3 Feb 2019) as Panda or Koala kind of investor only investing and speculating in local SGX and after so many years in the market he never acquire the wisdom of becoming global investor for diversification and safety. 

Luckily; he didn't become extinct or starve to death after 19 years of fighting Mr Market with only one arm. He was badly wounded a few times; but he didn't died from infections from bad wound. 

Good doses of Panadols can help to ease pains; and after decades he became immune. LOL!


  1. CW,

    I never expected you to jump onto the CPF bandwagon...

    I mean you have your track record of getting higher returns than CPF. Remember those powerpoints of 10 baggers and benchmarking with other investment greats?

    For me, I'll try to get as much CPF out as possible by chosing BRS when my time comes. Those funds that are "forced" to be stuck inside, I have to settle for 4-5% when I can get higher returns investing on my own :(

    Even passive indexing investors were expecting 7-8% returns over 30 years or more.

  2. Hmm.. For those above 55, Cpf OA 2.5% return as war chest for next Bear is low return but as good as SSB.

    Mr STI has been happy for so long. He happy. I sianz

  3. CPF can acts as a "Guarantor" for us to do or take some or more risks in the market for longer term traders.

    Having said that, i have withdrawn almost all my money form CPF but opt in for CPF LIFE because it pays me

    more money than if i remain in original Minimum Sum Scheme before CPF LIFE was introduced.

    The only thing i miscalculated was i closed my CPFIS but who can know QE and very low FD rate is coming?

    Fortunately i have a 2nd chance.

    My wife's CPF/CPFIS will become the "guarantor" for me & family to take more risks in the stock markets with my cash flow.

    For us' we delay her withdrawal of CPF retirement fund to compulsory age of 70 if we can afford it.

    We can see how CW is "enjoying" his CPF accounts, lol.


    1. temperament,

      You sly old fox you!

      Of course for your case CPF Life is "better" for you ;)

      That extra money doesn't come from thin air. If others want to "subsidise" us, I think I should shutup!

      I just make sure my share of the contributions to the pool is as small as possible. I'm not a bleeding heart.


  4. To attack, must always think of defence first.

    Simply because every attack will have counter attack one.

    Newton's law is applicable here too.


  5. HA! HA!

    Please don't remind me i did not practise what i say in my BEI KAMBING time.

    1. Just know how to attack only, lol!


    2. temperament,

      We were young once mah... Full of testosterone vigor!

      That's why I'm puzzled with those 20 somethings that voluntarily contribute to CPF?



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