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Monday, 11 February 2019

The Real Problem Of Agak Agak (Guess/Estimate) In Investing

Especially true to those investing for income or yield as they MAY not include paper losses and/or paper gains disappearing from the table.

When we calculate to precision of two decimal points and including paper gains disappearing from the table; then investing is not easy. 

It is damn bloody tough to grab those extra % gains on the table to realize it. Bang head! Alamak!


  1. Heehee not counting drawdowns or paper losses is beyond agak agak ... more gasak gasak liao LOL.

    For me, precision counting is useful when comparing different methods to ensure comparing the same thing, and to see which one good to adopt i.e. steal :)

  2. Without embracing Agaklogy, how or (who dares) to invest?

    I like Agaklogy.

  3. CW,

    I must give credit when its due.

    You are the only one I know who tracks money GIVEN BACK to the market and show it to everyone!!!

    Plus not forgetting you also open enough to use 2007's highest cashflow as your index 100. That alone sets you apart from all the other snake oils who will only use their worst year as index 100 ;)

    Eh, I'm thirsty...


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