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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

In The Market; There Is Always Buyers And Sellers

Look at the diagram!

Who are net buyers and net sellers?

BBs buy from Retails and BBs sell to Retails. 

Who are the Smart Money?


  1. Only insiders of companies can be the real smart money.

    Outsiders are trying their best to guest what the insiders are doing.

    Especially for catalyst board's companies.


  2. When insiders are selling big, may be a red flag

  3. Especially penny stocks suddenly got a lot trading.

  4. Just to show how violatile my US portfolio can be just lost $4500 ~ 5+ % overnight.

    Also from $62k to $72k in matter of 2 weeks.

    But it just one day from 77k to 72k.

    Just overnight~No joke!

    So tell me when to buy a new sell is important or not?

    I can not share a lot of high~brow theory but what I have been seeing and doing.

    Overnight just lost about 5K ~ 5% of portfolio but from 62k to 77k+ in a matter of 3 weeks.

    What kind of investment is that?

    So who are behind all these buying and selling?

    Who cares?

    I only choose my own reasons for buying and selling.

    Who like to say something about why the market is like leh?

    In theory or actual happenings?

    That's how crazy and difficult the market can be.


    So what is insiders trading?

    1. To play US market; we need to have strong heart and loose pocket! Wealth in the market is just an illusion. Dont be too happy or too sad! Just loose change. :-)

    2. Ha! Ha!

      Tell it to the Beikambings.

      Well put but how many can really understand?

  5. Please take stock what i sharing is all happenings now.

    Not talk male chickens O. K.


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