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Sunday, 24 February 2019

never risk getting caught short of cash

Berkshire will forever remain a financial fortress. In managing, I will make expensive mistakes of commission and will also miss many opportunities, some of which should have been obvious to me. At times, our stock will tumble as investors flee from equities. But I will never risk getting caught short of cash."

Don't poke me for parroting!

Uncle8888 will NOT risk getting caught short of cash like in 2009 again!


  1. And yet many investors laugh at the old 60:40 risky-vs-safe asset allocation recommended by old uncle investors in the 1970s and 1980s. :)

    The only thing is whether Buffett's successors will think & invest like him after he is gone?

  2. To me it means not only U have the choice of choosing what & when to buy and also always when to sell.

    Aka if time is not a factor for U in investment except your longevity, i think U already have a lot of advantages.

    And most probably already have or built-up deep pockets.

    The remainder is try to take as little risks as possible in buying.

    Ha! Ha!

    So easy meh?

    When U invest for 30 years than tell me.


    Write and ask WB whether he market time or not?


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