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Saturday, 23 February 2019

It Is NOT Buy And Hold That Made Money In The Stock Market

Never mistaken!

It is NOT Buy and Hold!

Buy and hold may be just taking Panadols to ease your heartache and hopefully over long periods of taking Panadols you are immune! Pain no more!

Those who made money from Time in the Market is that they are "lucky" in market timing or having beginner's luck! 

Buy, Right and Hold and then smiling every time when they received CDP statement!

This is joyful investing where you are getting cheerful eggs instead of bitter Panadols!


  1. Ha! Ha!

    Super sale man at selling even ice to Eskimos may not think buying is more important than selling, lol.

  2. Or are stocks different from other merchandise?

  3. Buy right and hold is still job unfinished.

  4. Example, i has bought SIA Eng not too long ago.

    It seems now I had bought left(still losing money) when Dow is at 26000+

  5. Ya lo!

    Boh tak Chet also dare to invest and talk here.

    Who give him the privilege?

    Thanks CW.

  6. i mean thanks for saying poor grammar here won't lose money one.


    What will make U lose money?

    Logic must be poor grammar won't make U lose money, then good grammar will make U money.

    Then it must follow that Perfect grammar, makes U Perfect amount of money.


    No offence, just for laugh.

    1. temperament,

      I can disagree with everything you say, poke you like Swiss cheese, but times like these I'll stand beside you for solidarity ;)

      You don't worry. I got O' levels. My England very de Powderful one!

      Singaporeans speak Singlish no shy OK?

  7. We all know U are a word Smith.

    i think we are tired of each other already~ no more space for new pokes.

    Really I think U are the one that very good at 黑白講。

    i think D. Trump no match to U.


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