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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Beyond Position Sizing; It Is Growth Dividend Across Volatile Market Cycles To Keep Your Winners In The Game

Read? Execution, Position Sizing and Financially Irresponsible Stock Positions

"You give some people whose job is to invest money, and by a lot of standards they are good at it. 

Shockingly only 49% of their picks made money. Some of them was successful only 30% of the time. 

At the end of these, almost non of them lost money. They still made a lot of money out of it. "

Uncle8888 also has losers like Noble And Hyflux; but overall he is still surviving as of today!

Position sizing may save us from destruction of our portfolio when we are wrong; but as retail investors who are full of emotions of greed and fear over volatile market cycles; we need something more than just beyond position sizing when we are right. 

Some investing strategy that is inherent to keep us in the Game.

Luckily; Uncle8888 somehow managed to seize it and profit from it. 

Growth-dividend investing strategy? 

and NOT those income stocks that keep coming back for right issues as part of their business model and rarely give out special dividends to reward loyal shareholders!

Outsize special dividends are damn shiok to earlier investors who have bought at much lower price.


  1. I can tell U 2 very bad losses to the tune of about 40 to 50K.

    And these losses were the hard earned money I won from the market.

    So allowed myself to relaxed lol because it seemed these were not my money.

    Gambler's psychology?

  2. CW,

    Its like soccer.

    Can defend is good.

    But we don't win games if we can't score!



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