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Saturday, 22 December 2018

You Love Your Job But Your Company Doesn't!!! (4)

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Another ex-colleague whom he has never met for many years. He was head-hunted to join our competitor. That Time his company loved him so much and so willing to pay to cross over. 18 years later; he became a cost cutting tool to his company.

Two months ago he was retrenched in his early 50 or late 40. He has received 18 months payout i.e. one month for each year of service so he has fully paid 1.5 years for him to find replacement job. Not too bad!

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  1. Continued trade war will put a dampener on many S'pore based companies...

    That's why people should be praying for continuation of large drops in US markets.

    This will convince Trump to change tactics as he really wants a feel good economy to help with re-election in 2020. :)

    1. Selective retrenchment zeen now may be sign of bad time ahead


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