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Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Myth Of The Bell Curve: Look For The Hyper-Performers

Yesterday, Uncle8888 explained (actually it is consoling him) how Bell Curve actually worked against older assets in the similar grade. He is in his late 40s now. 

Last year, life as an old asset in corporation has just began for him so he has to learn to accept it.

An old asset is paid less for the same effort!

What he can do for himself now is to focus more on his financial assets to supplement his depreciating human asset.


  1. Are you also working in an enforced Bell Curve environment?

  2. This is a sad fact of life.
    I believe one day I will go through this. So I am preparing for it now.

    SG Wealth Builder

    1. Sad truth!

      One day we may walk out of boss's office full of anger or sadness. Lao liao! :-(

    2. It's natural lah...

      When we are young, we replace those senior. Then our turn come, we are replaced by junior. Life cycle keep going on.

      Like CW888 said, while earning active income, we have to build up financial asset to supplement the "depreciating asset".

      When we retire, we retire in style. :)

    3. Not true. Absolutely not.

      When I started work; in those days wages based on seniority . Older assets were paid more.

      There was no such as Bell Curve!

    4. I have been working for US MNC for decade. Bell curve does apply.

      Yes, seniority does command higher paid in the same category. But there is wage ceiling for every category. When these senior reach the senior and not promoted to next higher level, they got stuck because of qualification and/ or performance (not year increment, only yearly token).

      Those younger and more qualify employee will get promoted to next level at faster rate. And in no time, they will be supervisor for those got stuck.

      The hard truth is most senior workers were replace by more qualify, younger and cheaper staffs.

    5. Microsoft realized after one decade of implementing enforced Bell Curve; it didn't work and ditched it.

      Wondering how long will it take for other companies to realize it?

  3. Hmmm... Initially I am expecting some bell curve chart but there is none, the closer one if the botak head of the uncle on the right (in the comic)! lol... Anyway, curve or no curve. horse continue to run, dance continues too... ;-)


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