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Sunday, 2 December 2018

Our Stock Dividends Are Either Panadols Or Eggs

Our stock dividends as Panadols can slowly ease our heartache provided the stocks don't get suspended or delisted!


Our stock dividends as Eggs;  but sometime we may be cornered into this dilemma of making hard decision - should we slaughter these Hens laying Eggs and replace them with new Hens and hopefully the new Eggs are fresher and bigger.

The problem is some retail have mistaken Panadols as Eggs. Alamak!

If we are lucky; we get ....

Walau. Cham liao!

Super lagi tough decision to make. To kill the Goose for meat to buy more Hens?


  1. My choice is simple: Keep the hen to lay egg, unless it becomes Lau Guei Bu (old hen) and cannot lay eggs anymore. Problem is the transition to Lau Guei Bu happens so fast and it dies before got slaughtered. Then champ loh.

    So I try to keep many hens. If a few die, there are still enough eggs to eat.....

    1. Build up chicken farm and supply of eggs will be able to meet Demand

  2. Actually after 2008/2009, i thought based on the divdends i got from my very heavy commitmemts in the stock market, i could may be don't have to sell any stocks again.

    As the dividends i got might pay for my annual expenses viz a viz bear or bull market.

    But i didn't stick to my thinking as i was just to eager to take profit as the market keeps on up,up, up, like Superman.

    i always think money in my hand i can still buy whenever opportunity appears rather then keep it in the stock market.

    But i agree with Spur it is almost inhuman to ride the BB cycles consistently, which i have been doing since day one.

    Riley believe it or not especiallly for SMOL?


  3. Sometimes i think whether i am a little inhuman after doing it for 30 years-just like what Spur said. (SMOl now U understand why i quote spur? Never mind as i have said i have found a new me through U).

    HA! HA!


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