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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Long Term Investing Over Market Cycles Is Damn Hard!!!

You can see for yourself and then draw your conclusion.

Total losses (realized and unrealized) over past 19 years are bigger than his investing capital since 2000 i.e. there is no capital injection over past 19 years!

This investing capital is the bulk of his saving coming from 22 years of earned income from 1977 to 1999.

Investing is all about Game of capital, winning and losing!


  1. Alamak! Habis liao!

    Ehhhh ... But then total gains (realised & unrealized) much much bigger than total losses!

    Whew! Huat arrrhhh!!! šŸ˜œ

    1. Lucky. Can recover from big losses. If not will join the Chop Fingers camp.

    2. CW,

      When we started, all we can think of is to turn $1 into $10...

      Then as we survived through 1 or 2 bull/bear cycles, we realised don't let $10 turn into $1 happy liao!

      There is a capital accumulation climbing up the mountain phase, and there's a capital preservation strolling down the mountain phase ;)

  2. Climing down the mountain is more dangerous or climbing up?

    Any professional mountain climbers like to share?

    1. If climbing down is more dangerous what choices do we have?

      Can we just stay and not moving anywhere if life is good enough?

  3. Hi Uncle CW

    Once Keppel and Sci go back up you would have updated your post differently by then :)

  4. Yes agreed 101 %

    But unreleased gain is unrealised gain on paper only.

    If always in the market then prepared for the next round of unrealised loss.

    Don't say U never expect or think of it.

    Must be a man of all seasons in the market.

    No matter what's your style, it doesn't matters.

    What's matters is U make money at the end of the day, O. K.?

  5. Not so sure but the day i got no "kick" looking at the markets, i think i better quit.

    Or of course another reason is after looking at the markets i got most of my "understandings" mis interpreted wrong by me, myself.

    Most probably onset of dementia another reason.

    - touch wood.

    i had asked SMOl when he reaches the age of 70 how will he look at the world?

    Now he is already look like an Owl in the night - can see his 2 eyes only (LOL).

    i know now at 30 or 40 or even 60, U will look at the world differently at each state of your life.

  6. No if U WB type.

    Barring dementia or serious sickness, the day i stop is the day i got no kick out of looking at the markets - especially SGX and Dow.

    i really don't know it will happen or not but my i am already not so kan cheong about tracking my financial affairs.

    i have slackened in a way.

    "Chiat Low Su Say", says the Teo Chew or Hokkien?


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