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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Home Improvement Program

For the past few days; Uncle8888 has been busy!

He hasn't been that busy for a long time!

Wrapping them up to avoid dust!

That was the advice given by HIP's site office - wrap them up if you dislike dust!


  1. Uncle 8888

    Auntie8888's kitchen very big, can play soccer.

  2. Hi Uncle CW,

    Now your turn to kena. My mother used two layers of wrapping, but still dusty, lol.

  3. CW,

    Ownself upgrade ownself :)

    Pride of "ownership" is the difference between renting and leasing ;)

    1. Government paid bulk of HIP. My PR neighbour opts out of Hip and only touch up ceiling at minimum cost

    2. CW,

      Ah! Its the Home Improvement Programme by big daddy!

      You PR neighbour not sure whether to stay here forever, so pay the minimum ;)

      Although there's inconveniences, where else in the world got leasor subsidise the leasee when it comes to upgrading renovations?

      On this point, must thank big daddy for maintaining the "value" of our HDB flats; not letting them become urban slums like in other cities.

      I've been to the public housing projects in other cities. Grey, sad, and run down...

  4. Hi SMOL,

    I think it's also coz PR owners need to pay 100% costs compared to citizens ... only 7.5% for 4-rm flat ... $950 versus $12,600+ ;)

    Also if using HDB loan to pay by installments, the interest for PRs is 3.16% versus 2.6% for citizens.

    Big daddy try to coddle sinkies mah :)

    Yeah, our public flats are totally different from other countries' public flats ... I usually scared & tried to avoid public flats areas when I was living in UK.


    Enjoy the experience kekekeke!!

    So far went thru both LUP and HIP .... yeah, even though covered up & masking taped .... powdery plaster dust still got in .... I think took 2 months to finally feel "dust free".

    But prob coz I very lazy & slipshot with housework cleaning! LOL!!

    1. Spur,

      I think its fair.

      PRs have to make a choice.

      Swear allegiance and enjoy the fruits of citizenship; or keep their options open by using Singapore as a stepping stone but pay full price.

      I went through the Main Upgrading Programme (MUp) at my parents' flat at Stirling Road. No fun.

      That's why I made sure I bought my current HDB flat AFTER its MUP ;)

  5. SMOL must be way out of touch with lives, you think nowadays (Or even few years ago) from PR to citizen is very easy ah, got to wait for 6-9 months for appointment (like making appointment at public hospitals), then another 9 months waiting for results, and in the end, can not get, most likely due to low salary/CPF contribution (no reason stated whatsoever). Unless of course you are Eduardo Saverin......

    From employment pass to PR also very difficult too...

    And you do know that there are 2-3 millions foreign workers in sg, but only 0.5 million PR right ? Go and get into the mrt trains on Sat/sun and see whether you still want to mock at PR....

    I think your thinking still in the 2005-2010 era (before 2011 GE), when it was easy to get, in that time period getting citizenship in western countries also very easy.....

    1. Ken Tang,

      What did I say to "trigger" you?

      You're a PR trying multple times but kenna rejected by big daddy?

      Let's say I'm working with foreign talent pretty much most of my later career; those on expat package and those on local terms doing jobs Singaporeans avoid - like my current weekend sales gig.

      Besides that, I've worked 7 years overseas. I guess I've experienced what's it like to be on both side of the fence?

      Good, good. Thanks for letting me know the most current situation on the ground! I'm a caveman and a dinosaur.

      I guess its better than 2-3 million PRs and 0.5 million foreign workers?

      What's the point of PR or citizenship if anyone and everyone can get it?

    2. I have few married couple with kids FT ex-colleagues, only husband became citizen for obvious financial advantage and wife remain as PRP Why like that? Wives can forego small financial benefits as citizen.

  6. Hi bro cw

    Maybe can try using wrapping cling film? Normally is air tight 1, dust not easy go in... but I don't know where to buy buy bigger size of those wrapping cling film like what airport using for our luggage...


  7. Who does not hedges if there is an avenue to do so?

    We can't blame anyone, can we?

    That's also why there must be clear differences of benefits between citizens and PRs.

    That's why some of us are in cash(rotting in the banks) more than in the stock market.

    This unprecedented Bull Market or no major crashed market lasted too long - more than 10 years already.

    My U S portfolio has lost more than 15 % from it's peak yet it looks like the beginning of Bear Market only.

    Try harder next round?

    1. In fact i heard rumour about QE4 already.

      Will it works?

  8. Replies
    1. Began 2019 New Year in N95 mask unwrapping and cleaning off dust. So dusty!


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