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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Combination Of Rich And Poor

Cash Rich. Cash Poor

Asset Rich. Asset Poor

Time Rich. Time Poor.

If we retire or FIRE as Cash Rich, Asset Rich, and Time Rich will be the best!


  1. Time Rich can be a serious problem for some of us. Too rich in Time may not be good thing!

  2. Can bum around with listening to music, surf the Net, doing all the mundanes of keeping house and family as a home, and breaking routine of living by taking short holiday trips;

    Just happy to live a simple family life without worrying about "Money, Money, Money, must be funny in a rich man's world".

    No more the cheong, cheong, cheong, Gu Kia.

    And still not sure of anything.


    1. When you finally sell yr car, you may add visiting there and here at no additional transport cost. North East South West

  3. On!

    If U still interested and got time to round Singapore one more time.

    It is March 2021 or earlier to scrap my car. Can't sell now as no market.
    Of course if God is willing-my health is stil O.K.

    Now $50 fare i use for more than 2 MONTHS.

    It is only 87 cents per trip to anywhere in Singapore-one way.


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