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Monday, 3 December 2018

When Can I Achieve Financial Independence, F.I.R.E or F.I.R.e???

It will depend on your size of capital injection into your investment portfolio. This is where most investment bloggers in Singapore don't stress it strongly enough!

Not sure. Why?

Read? Swimming, Tennis, and Investing/Trading Training Or Lessons. How do they advertise?

Read? Investing advice for 20 somethings - that's how I have done it too!

Trust but Verify - SMOL

One upon a time, one day Uncle8888 innocently and doubtfully asked this late millionaire "Guru" who has wonderful gave back plan to society to make 10,000 future millionaires through his investment training course at his blog's chatbox one simple Yes or No question. 

Did you become millionaire from your investment gains in the stock market or from your business? If yes, can show an audited statement of your investment gains?

Till his grave; he still haven't answer this simple Yes and No question.


  1. US Treasury 2s5s and 3s5s yields have inverted for the first time since early-2006. May or may not mean much in the near term. It's akin to market indices crossing below 200dma. Markets do recover from such crossovers.

    More important to look at 2s10s .... currently at 14 basis points. This is more like the 300dma.

    Anyway usually will have about 1 year lead time.

    The last time 2s10s inverted was also in early-2006 ..... 1.5 yrs before the markets peaked.

  2. Yes account size is important, but another factor is dividend yield.

    Let's take $50K annual income to retire.

    If 5% yield, it needs $1,000,000
    If 10% yield, it needs $500,000

    Where and when to find such high yield quality stocks?
    >>> during market crash <<<

    :) :)

    1. Big Bear comes quickly so more people can FIRE sooner. LOL!

  3. Ha! Ha!


    Big Bear is actually very scary time to invest in stock market for most people.

    Me after so many years still retain BB investing fear lol!


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