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Friday, 7 December 2018

Turning 55 - and enjoying financial freedom (9)

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This morning, Uncle8888 withdrew $24K CPF OA+SA interests via PayNow and received the money almost immediately.

Sources of Cash In for 2019

SRS + CPF Interests (Tap 1) + 

Cash Dividends and divestment gains (Tap 3) + 

Extra side income (Mini Tap 4) from freelance B.M.W. activity roaming across the island of Singapore.

CPF Interests Withdrawal

1) Deducted interests from SA first i.e. Jan to Nov (11 months) is 1,529.77

2) Remaining balance deducted from OA i.e. $22.470.23


  1. CPF PayNow limit daily limit is $200K.

    Will CPF approve transfer immediately or they need to check and verify before transfer?

  2. CW, congratulations for getting "Perpetual Annuity" money.

    Care to share why 1st week of Dec?

    Is this the best time?

    Alamak what's CPF's Pay Now?

    Behind time already regarding CPF.

    Hope no gaol post shifting.

    i think no shifting before the 4G leaders take over from 2nd G. Lau Lee.


  3. "Care to share why 1st week of Dec?"

    Prob coz CPF doesn't pro-rate for partial month, hence no diff 1st Dec or 31st Dec.

    This the dilemma if still got substantial portion in SA, coz of CPF tiered withdrawal.

    Else if only OA, then better to wait for full 12 mths interest to be credited in early-Jan, & withdraw that amount from OA in Jan.

    1. CPF counter staff told in Jan. The interests earned on previous year will be consolidated as principal. Since there is no interests earned in Jan, withdrawal will be deducted from principal SA and followed by OA

    2. Ya lorr ... that's why if still got SA, would be better to withdraw interests in Dec ... sacrifice the small compounding effect in Dec in order to preserve SA principal. ;)

    3. Hi, maybe I miss out something. Does it matter if it is interest or principal? Say you have $100 and earn $4 interest this year. If you withdraw $4 on Dec 31 it is called interest withdrawal; if you withdraw $4 on Jan 1st next year, it is called principal withdrawal. But in either way, your financial situation is the same right? (neglect the interest of the one day difference)

    4. As principal withdrawal starts from CPF SA first; it only matters to those members who wish to preserve that 4% interest generating scheme in CPF SA.

      Once CPF SA is depleted; it doesn't matter anymore. We can do monthly withdrawal from CPF.

  4. i see for Perpetual Annuity to works, SA princpal must be protected.

    Thrrefore must draw in Dec.

    i think one day, goal post may be shifted to must withdraw all SA first before allow to touch OA's interest.

    1. Government is encouraging people to top up CPF so unlikely this goal post will shift

  5. Congrats !! Uncle CW8888 , money keep flowing in from multiple Taps , time flies, is time to calculate the interest from CPF again... :D
    Cheers !!

  6. On this topic, one of my friend shifted a large portion of his SA to buy a product before 55 and sold it after 55. Hence, he got a large SA after 55 to earn interest on. Real story.

    1. To beat SA compounding interests of 4% is not easy. I thought investing SA is quite limited.

    2. Me never dare to touch SA also.

      In fact transferred some OA to SA when i was eligible to do so.

    3. Hmm unless one can already meet the Min Sum or half-Min Sum w/ Prop Pledge, else when sell that product, CPF will auto xfer from SA to RA to meet the Min Sum shortfall?

      You can't use the same loophole as for HDB housing loan & OA :O

      CPF has greatly reduced eligible investments for SA. And the only one i find acceptable should be invested using SA only during recessions when most stock mkts have alrdy dropped by 40% or more. Hoho!

    4. Dare not also after whacking with cash then as much as OA too.

      Can not one.

      The late father of Stanley Ho of Macao can tell U Y.

      In local parlance, "durian boh pow chiat."

    5. wont wont mai lun, steady poon pipi.

  7. SA for what type of investments are allowed?

  8. Hi uncle, I thought oa + sa go to ra at age 55? How come you still have oa and sa? Can explain. Thank you

    1. Read? Turning 55 - and enjoying financial freedom
      As I turned 55 this year, a sum of $161,000 - the so-called Full Retirement Sum - was transferred from my CPF Special Account to the newly created CPF Retirement Account. After this sum has been set aside for my basic retirement needs, I can choose to take out whatever remaining balances I have in my CPF Ordinary and Special Accounts if I want to.

  9. congratulate, just.wonder.why ypu never opt for enhanced retirement sum to max out the annuity portion. do u consider cpf life as one.of.ur.tap?

    1. Cpf life is one of the taps.

      No enhancement for me. It is not worth due to medical condition

    2. oic, knowing oneself is the.most important😃

  10. i think even a person without medical conditions is not worth to go for enhanced CPF, especially if U are in the stock market at the same time.

    i understand there are many working rich parents who "enhanced their children's CPF"

    Don't forget must wait for 55 years at least before one can take out some of the money.

    1. IF die, die must "enhance", then i think now we have SSB is better option.

      Though a little less in ROI.

    2. already got enough money than enhanced mah, just lived.until 105, the problem with cpf is those who.have, want to prolong earning fixed interest and does not.withdraw, and.those who.dont are begging the government to release it.


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