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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Your Best ROC Is Your Human Capital Or Investment Portfolio???

Like it or not. Uncle8888 is quite sure that over your lifetime; your human asset will return the best ROC. Whatever you earned from human asset is always POSITIVE and for you to keep forever and ever. You don't have to return them unless you have obtained them illegally e.g. corruption! LOL!

But; your investment return over future market cycles MAY be negative and whatever you have now in your investment portfolio may NOT be for you to keep forever and ever until you decided to quit investing!

Investment return over market cycles can unexpectedly be RETURNED to Mr. Market.

Young ones should focus on your best ROC i.e. your job! in the first half of working life and by 40s you should be able to know your job progression destiny and then shift all your energy to investing. By that time if you are already a good saver; you should have sizeable capital to make real impact in wealth building for retirement.

In investing; your account size really matters! - CW8888


  1. Thanks also to the good wage growth in the last 5 years due to the tightening of foreign labour from 2011 onwards ;)

    Wage growth was very bad in the 2000s :P

  2. Yes, always must remember markets go through cycles.

    i mean how many "the 2 extreme cycles" U can take?

    And it's a myth that U can afford to take higher risks in a financial product just because U have more HC.

    But in fact, many very HC professionals not interested in the stock market but solid bricks & mortar.

    Or i know someone who only buys stocks most of the times and rarely sell.


    Building an empire or legacy?

    Any way what's the use of keeping too much cash?

  3. The pursuit of money in the short term is a wrong attitude in the moral religious context .


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