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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Your Hand Itchy To Buy On Dips???


  1. U.S. stocks closed higher on Tuesday after broadly slumping in the last two sessions. There was no obvious single reason behind massive losses seen stateside on Monday, but the sell-offs were blamed on concerns about rising interest rates, program trading and volatility funds that use leverage.

    On Tuesday, the Dow Jones industrial average closed higher by 567.02 points, or 2.33 percent, at 24,912.77 after falling as much as 567.01 points earlier in the session. Other indexes also recorded gains: The S&P 500 rose 1.74 percent to end at 2,695.14 and the Nasdaq composite advanced 2.13 percent to close at 7,115.88.

  2. This type of market is very good for traders only,I think.

    Can short all the way to the bottom.

    Only problem is there is such thing as short squeeze.

    Even when the market is still far away from recovery.

  3. Itchy hands?

    It a common disease in a falling market.

    But it is also common in a rising market.

    Is there a cure?

    Don't think so for most people.

    Because we all fear of missing the boat.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Dow plummets 1032 points, now down 10% from record; S&P 500 drops 3.7% to new low for week
    The Dow Jones industrial average closed more than 1,000 points lower.
    The benchmark 10-year U.S. note yield rose to 2.88 percent before sliding to 2.851 percent Thursday.
    A rise in yields and sharp moves in obscure volatility funds that use leverage have been cited by traders as reasons for the market's recent pullback and volatility spike.

    1. Recommend to read this article and decide whether it's time to satisfy your itchy fingers?


      Not yet.


      {The Battle for Investment Survival(Book Title)

      Markets values are fixed only in part by balance sheets and income statements; much more by the hopes and fears of humanity; by greed, ambition, acts of God, invention, financial stress and strain, weather, discovery, fashion, and numberless other causes impossible to be listed without omission.}

      There U have it.

      Do U think U really understand the market?

      idiot like me don't really understand.

      Perhaps U do!


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