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Sunday, 11 February 2018

On why sound investing principles will always work???

Read? On why sound investing principles will always work???

Real People. Real Story on DBS!

This ex-colleague who was some time also Uncle8888's lunch kaki.

During GFC 2008/2009; he was very keen to invest bigger on DBS; but in Mar 2009 he was still waiting for DBS to reach $6 before accumulating slowly!

When the market recovered he regretted big time; but; he did learn important lesson on investing!

This time in Jan 2016; when DBS went below $15; he started to accumulate slowly using his CPF fund as he has already reached 55 (Feeling rich with his bigger War Chest? How often can we beat CPF OA 2.5% with blue chip yield?)

In Investing; Your Account Size Really Matters! - CW8888

When DBS has crossed $19; he began to divest slowly. Uncle8888 last heard that he has fully divested all his DBS.


Now; he sianz!

Real life example of retail investing. It is never easy! Who can analyze that DBS drastically raises its dividend from past year of 66 cts to $1.20 from 2018 onwards!

Institutions invest along with their rules and policies; but for retails it is all in their Mind and Heart!

Less Analyzing. More Investing - CW8888

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Luck or Bo Chap or Don't ask for more?


  1. CW,

    I am sure one day DBS will trade below $19.

    I also very certain DBS will trade above $30 one day.

    See? I'll be right both times - if I wait long enough ;)

    Everything is just one big illusion.

    What's real is the money in our pockets the day we walk out of the casino.


  2. Question is why did he buy just becoz DBS went below $15? It could have gone down much lower...

    Which leads to the 2nd question: Why did he start selling at $19 when its price was in uptrend? No telling when a major top for DBS will occur.

    No worries, tell him when next time there is -50% decline in STI, just buy DBS big big & throw away his broker a/c password. LOL!!

  3. :-)

    Life as retail is tough!

    Handover to index mgr and don't have to make difficult decision better?

    1. From 16 to 19 that's about 20% gain with few clicks..where got tough?
      It tougher to convince people 水能载舟亦能覆舟

  4. Ya I know people here always think our local banks unlike banks in America can just go kaput in a financial chaos.

    Oh our G see to it, ya?

    Actually, in a financial chaos, financial institutions are one of the suspected sector to buy~

    Oh, our G is backing our Local Banks especially DBS?

  5. Hi uncle CW8888,
    Yah,,, is hard to time the market , we always regret seeing our share " keep chionging " after sold ...but again hand itchy when seeing our stock up by 20-30%... :-)
    Cheers !!

    1. My sifu said Regret not making more is better than Sorry of losing money. :-)


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