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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Dow plunges 1,175 points in wild trading session, S&P 500 goes negative for 2018

The Dow also broke below 25,000 and dipped into correction territory.

The S&P 500 closed down more than 7 percent from a record set last month.

"This sell-off, in the bigger scheme of things, is not that big. But it is very important in psychological terms," says one strategist.

CW8888: Today will be interesting day for newbies!


  1. Good time to know how much draw-down in your investment portfolio you can stomach without panic selling. Time to learn and re-learn about Mr. Market.

  2. Uncle CW,

    Aiyo, I at work now leh. Don't make me so kan cheong to open my war chest. LOL

  3. Open war chest or not???? Kan cheong liao.. All in red mann.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sgx drops from 3600 to 3406 a drop of about 6%. Not meaningful to me yet.

  6. On medium term basis, still very normal. ;) Good to have a bit of volatility to shake out the extreme complacency!

    Just trade / invest according to your plan or system.

    At least some vindication (and celebration) for those whose hands have been cut & bloodied from shorting the SIMSCI since late 2017! Kekeke!!

    But then horr... sentiment now very pessimistic ... so shortists need to be careful...
    Best days in stock markets often occur close to worst days in stock markets! Hohoho!!

    1. Dow future is down about -550 at 1328 hrs. A rough ride tonight

    2. Dow future is down about -550 at 1328 hrs. A rough ride tonight

  7. It still far too early to stir from my sleepiness.

    But my US portfolio just lost $5000 in Sing today.

  8. i said already US portfolio is under drip even it is record breaking 52 WK High.

    Smol likes to say, "Look Ma! No need brains investing!" for my Us portfolio lol.

    Too early to wake up is about using my cash rotting in the bank, i mean.

  9. Many people have been saying for some years already, the US $ as World reserve currency is going to end soon because of the BRIC.

    i think it is going to happen soon.

    Maybe in our lifetime as Saudi, Iran, ? are selling petrol to China not in US $ anymore.

    And now China is the top importer of Saudi's oil not US anymore oil.

    As US has Shale Oil exploration/production.

    i think i agree with many people the day US $ is not the World reserved currency by designed default, is the day of reckoning for US.

    By then who needs to have US dollars for OIL or anything?


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