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Monday, 26 February 2018

Portfolio Management Concentrate (Verb) or Concentrate (Noun)

SMOL prefers Verb than Noun in his trading if Uncle8888 is not mistaken.

For investment portfolio management; many Gurus are advising retail investors not to concentrate (Verb) as it is very risky since most retail investors don't have that level of competency to concentrate (Verb) yet.

But; for Uncle8888's portfolio management it is currently concentrate (Noun) with a few freehold core holding and a large war chest. How risky?

Concentrate as verb or noun?

See any difference?

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  1. CW,


    You don't anyhow guess or put words in my mouth lah!

    I only talk about adjectives and noun - I don't care whether one is called a trader, investor, or speculator; I care more about whether one is competent, consistent, skillful, disciplined, flexible; etc.

    I can't take the credit. It's all you!

    You're the one who coined the phrase: Less analysing; more investing.

    I would think analysing and investing are "verbs"?


  2. Hohoho!!

    I think SMOL prefers concentrated LOL!

    A concentrated concentrate?? :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi. I understand you made most of your outstanding returns due to Keppel, Sembawang and DBS through dividends and pyramiding over the years. Do you mind sharing how you decided to concentrate on these 3 GLCs over the years versus the 50+ others?

    Am I correct to guess that:
    1) their dividend payout ratio were very low compared to the other blue chips?
    2) only blue chips were chosen
    3) you added or pyramid these stocks over the years

    1. To add on ..

      4) V shape price recovery

      5) Yield is decent to hold and following years got better. Like that the yield is seducing. How let go?

    2. Yes, thank you. What I gathered is:

      6) Keeping looking for the Touchstone and throw the others away.

      7) Sell some to take back capital to become Pillow stock

  5. U all forget one thing.
    WB has been doing concentration of concentrates, can he escapes any market downturns?
    He can't right?

    So he has been preaching ordinary people should go for buying an Index like SP 500 for the long term of 10,20,30 years.

    He said ordinary people like us not people like him, O. K.
    Even he plan his estate to go the Index way of investing.
    He knows a stock portfolio can be easily wipe out during one of the severe Market down-turns when U don't have $$$staying power or the psyche(pig headed) to withstand it.

    Of course, SMOL is not included or people who like short-term trading a lot.
    It really exciting, i suppose.

    1. WB is saying it clearly we are not like him! Better to go for index and sleep better.


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