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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Second New Record Set in 2018 For Investment Portfolio!!! (2)

Read? A New Record Set in 2018 For Investment Portfolio!!!

It is like 2007 once again!

But, this time in 2018; Uncle8888 is wide awake with his two eyes wide open; he is NOT going to repeat the same mistake in 2017 getting caught with his pant down with -53% in 2009 from 2007 Bull Peak!

This time let see what did he learnt after 18 years in the stock market and how effective can he apply what he has learnt so far.

The second new record set is visible now i.e. not winning by a nose.


  1. Hi bro cw

    Seems like all in up trend. Like o&g sembcorp ind & sembcorp marine, cdg, Some penny stock also... Is this sound familiar to u? Any advice for newbie? Hehehehe

    Thanks :)

  2. Can join in fun if one knows how to run fast enough

  3. STI creeping towards 3,600!! Time for some fun!

    1. Yes. It is about time to tell those around us how much we have made. Enjoy the fun while it lasts. In the last Bull; we have bloggers calling themselves "Extra Ordinary Profits" and "Top Trader"; but after 2009 quietly disappeared.

    2. So to sell now or still waiting for more?

      U know if U always in the market, U will be definitely be confronted by the bear. It's just a matter of time as sure as the Sun rises in the East.

      No ifs or should

      My US 6 out of 7 counters all breaking records like never before.

      Really tempted to sell if not thinking of keeping another 3 to 5 years or as legacy. (If God permits - by the time still healthy).

  4. Many more new records before the next -50% bear market.

    Although I'll be surprised if there aren't any 10+% corrections along the way ;)

    Watch the yield curve...

  5. Replies
    1. It is really quite difficult for the bear to appears because i think most people think why worry; The Gs of the World, all they have to do is QE, QE, QE if the Bear appears.

      Can they(the Gs) actually do that(QE) successfully again for the next bear?

      Or maybe the Gs will invent some new "Financial Engineering"?

      But then what will happen to the pricing of assets?

  6. Two lessons to think about.

    1. No bear. Just enjoy the ride.

    2. Not enjoying the ride; must revisit your portfolio and ask deep question. How come like that and re-think your investing strategies.


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