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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Bullish Market : Experts Plenty!!!

This is like 2007 once more as Uncle8888 has been receiving several emails claiming how good are these experts and showing him all the testimonials of how much money they had made! LOL!

In the last Bull in 2007; Uncle8888 followed his three favourite popular bloggers almost daily by days and nights; but these bloggers then disappeared towards end of Bear market.

1. Top Trader went from full-time trader to his last blog post that he would be looking for a job and quited full-time trading.

2. ExtraOrdinaryProfit blogger became extra ordinary losses??? and then disappeared

3. Chief Trainer and Chief Strategist of School of ChartWhateverWin went silent and stopped showing off his monkey swings by shorting here and longing there.

Let see whether these new experts in 2018 still around when the next Great Bear arrived?


  1. CW,

    That's how it works.

    Every cycle, there will be cannon fodders, and there will be survivors who will live to become wiser the next time round ;)

    Convictions based on hope and beliefs are not the same as those that were based on blood, sweat, and tears ;)

    Next cycle, these "new" veterans will underperform youths (in percentages) who don't know what cannot be done!


  2. "This is like 2007 once more..."

    So another 9-12 months to party?? Hohoho!!


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