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Friday, 12 January 2018

DCA, Lump Sum Investing And War Chest: Timing The Market And Time In The Market

Like it or not; long-term investing is still a Game Of Strategies. 

You will need to find your own investing strategies to match your investing goals to build wealth during accumulation phase or build sustainable retirement income for life during distribution phase.

Both DCA and Lump Sum investing can be considered as save and invest strategy. For DCA you save and invest regularly. For Lump sum you invest when you have enough money. 

For War Chest, you already have the money to invest but time the market.

You see the difference or you don't?


  1. CW,

    This is something young men who are climbing up the mountain like to do -

    Backtest and theorise which is better based on academic arguments. (Makes sense as its like writing a thesis back in school)

    As for old fogeys climbing down the mountain, we just look at our TRACK RECORDS ;)


    1. We get our hand dirty and keep adjusting and refining until we get them right for us. That is investing. If theories and thesis work well all finance and investment professors long long ago already FI and shake legs

  2. Good to know different methods ... different styles perform better in different stages of market cycle or different asset types.

    How to know? Experience aka school of hard knocks! LOL!

    Just make sure to limit school fees! Hohoho!!

  3. Limit school fee and keep adding capital. Like that will win one day

  4. I do it the zabo way. 天时 + 地理 + 心情 ;-)

  5. 誰 說 得?

    Ta Bo also need the same.


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