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Monday, 8 January 2018

Giving To Freegans. This Is So Much Better Than Having Them To Dig Into Bins (2)

Read? Giving To Freegans. This Is So Much Better Than Having Them To Dig Into Bins

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  1. I really can not accept if some1 to dig rubbish bin to get food. I see some really poor people do that, in some country. Last time I ever heard in KL also have poor people dig rubbish for food... But they got no choice, freegan have option not to dig rubbish but they choose to? Which I really don't understand...sigh

  2. i remembered an incident a man with tatoos all over his arms and body was digging rubbish bins at a local/tourist night market.

    Me thought this man must have seen better days when he was younger.

    Nevertheless, me couldn't bother about his past and thrusted some money into his hands and disappeared as quickly as possible.

    Now, who doesn't have a past - all the sweet & bitter memories.

  3. i mean an oversea night market patronised by locals and tourists alike.

  4. I see some uncle & aunty dig rubbish bin for cans or cardboard for sell. I am still acceptable as long as not dig & eat those food.
    I am bless that I am not in that situation and I am lucky to have my parent good take care of me. I am really appreciates this :)

  5. I see old uncle & aunty dig rubbish bin for cans or cardboard... This still acceptable as long as not food that put into our mouth... Some people are unfortunate that they have to dig rubbish for food...
    I am lucky & bless that my family not having this situation...

    1. As a kid, I used to dig rubbish bin as a daily routine. Not directly for food, but for anything to sell for money, or toys that we can keep, or for anything useful. It seems so long ago and so distant now. Nowadays, it's hard to sell things from then bin other than recycle material..who wants to buy? Looking for food is more practical..people throw away expired food that is still consumeable.

  6. In Singapore context, we hardly see people digging into rubbish bins, because of ????

    i think U know why lah.

  7. Hi temperament

    Paiseh... me blur blur 1... dont catch what u mean... Can explain to me Please? If not convenient is Ok... me just kaypoh only :)

    Thanks ya

  8. Do U see people with no homes wandering around?

    Do u see beggars on the streets?

    if U did they won't be around for long.

    Singapore is really a little RED DOT(a small city by World's standard) that it can be easily managed aka controlled.

    Unlike huge countries - "山高皇帝远"

    Also all HDB's rubbish dumps have locks and keys.

    Only the banglala benefit form any recycles as they are the keepers of the locks & keys.

    One can see them engage with contractors that come in the night to collect the recycles of value.

    Of i live in a HDB's estate.

  9. Hi temperament

    Thanks for sharing :)
    I really don't know this even I stay at hdb also... me blur blur 1... hehehe

    Cheers :)

  10. Hi temperament

    Thanks for sharing :)
    I really don't know this even I stay at hdb also... me blur blur 1... hehehe

    Cheers :)


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