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Monday 8 January 2018

Korea’s Cherry Blossoms 2018 Forecast: When & Where to Catch Them?

Hopefully; this forecast is chun as Uncle8888 has already booked air ticket to see cherry blossom in Busan from 29 Mar to 4 Apr 2018.

Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do: 26 March to 2 April 🌸

Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival, Jinhae


  1. Last trip to Seoul was planned for the period to see Seoul Lantern festival.

  2. Good morning

    I like cherry blossom :)
    Very nice scenery...
    May I know roughly what is the budget if want to go Korea see cherry blossom? If compare to Japan cherry blossom, is it cheaper??

    1. Last trip to Seoul 7D6N

      Airfare $1,470.28
      Travel Insurance 7 days $61.60
      Taxi to home $24.00
      Expenses KRW 1,205,320 $1,468.11

      Transport KRW 227,600.00 $277.22
      Hotel KRW 230,000.00 $280.15
      Food KRW 276,700.00 $337.03
      Attractions KRW 118,000.00 $143.73
      Gifts KRW 353,020.00 $429.99
      Total KRW 1,205,320.00 $1,468.11

    2. Wow uncle CW. The cost per pax work out to roughly to 1.5k for 7D6N is interesting. Got itinerary to look see look see?

    3. Accomodation could be cheaper if one doesn't insist on private bathroom and walking distance to metro station

  3. Thanks bro cw :)
    If I really go, I will ask u again for ur itinerary :)
    Now save $ first... hehehe

  4. Thanks bro cw.
    If I go will ask u for itinerary :)
    Now save $ first... hehehe

  5. Thanks bro cw
    If I go I will ask u for itinerary :)

  6. Don't know why recently I see Some of my post gone when I check next day ...


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