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Saturday, 6 January 2018

3 Bagger Tip!!!

Read? TIP - To Insure Performance? Not Really For One Time Effort Job

So far he has received tips from $1 to $20 and men are more likely to give tips!

We have to look at BOTH number as ONE: Absolute and % to be truly and really impressed by the number. Either number is not good enough to conclude that WoW factor!

That $1 tip is between 0.5% to 11% of the service value; but $20 tip is a 3 Bagger! That gentleman who gave $20 is truly impressive. Those in service field, have you came across such multi-bagger tips too?


  1. CW,

    You are funny!

    Do you know your example is supporting don't count in percentages?

    You mean you'll be happier to deliver a $2 service and receive a $1 dollar tip (50%!!!) over a $20 tip for delivering a $2000 service (stupid 1% only)?


    1. Walau. U need to look at both number together to be impressed

    2. Your two examples are not impressive

    3. CW,

      LOL! If you say so lor!

      My examples were just an extrapolation from yours ;)

  2. I think what Uncle8888 meant was that $20 tip was for service value of about $6.50 only...

    It's like you give a $100 bill to taxi driver for $30 cab fare & tell him to keep the change. If I were that taxi driver, I'd immediately shine UV light on that $100 note LOL!

    20% is probably the sweet spot between counting in % or quantum ... psychologically speaking

    For a $2000 example, that's $400 in tips ... or $2 tip for $10 service ... more than good liao! :)


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