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Monday, 27 March 2017

Voluntarily Cash Top Up To Our Children CPF Account When They Are Young For Compounding Interests

Hmm ...

One reason Uncle8888 recently came to know : Lock up this money in the CPF system till their children reach 55 so they can become richer with parental cash support.

Do they mean that they are going to leave behind very LITTLE or NO inheritance for their children?

Which is likely to be larger?

Inheritance or CPF when their parents have so much surplus cash to think of topping up their children CPF accounts?

Looking at Pennies; but forgetting those Pounds to be picked sooner than expected?

Okay. They also mean they will set up Trust to protect the Inheritance too.

Then this is smart financial decision!

The last time Uncle8888 checked with OCBC Trust; we need minimum of $5M to set up this private Trust. :-(


  1. i think only O. K.

    Even if you want to count the chickens before they are hatched for your children, there must be better way.

    Why lock up the eggs until 55?

    1. The idea is to keep the money for their children in safe place and prevent them from touching the money till they are old and wiser at 55 to manage this large sum of compounded money.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Walau aye!

    If can know how to manage at 55, no need the money liu.

  4. Walau aye!

    If can know how to manage at 55, no need the money liu.

  5. This might cause the death of the child. The spouse/children/beneficials of the child might kill in the circumstances of urgent need of cash.

    1. Not that serious. Those cash top up are really surplus cash

  6. Hi Uncle CW,

    The parents like me need to plan for own retirement, emergency funds, household expenses then still got money to top up the children's CPF? I think parents would rather top up their own CPF, earlier to get to 55 years old than top up the child's CPF.

  7. They already top up their own CPF accounts to max but still got spare money. Definitely it is good money issue to crack their head. I wait for toto jacktop then i will have this money issue. 😀


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