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Friday, 17 March 2017

Some CPF Matters : Understanding It Better By Actually Going Through The ProcessTo Do It (3)

Read? Some CPF Matters : Understanding It Better By Actually Going Through The ProcessTo Do It (2)

Read? Optimising Your CPF For Retirement (2)

You can't ask Uncle8888 on these two questions for his view anymore at kopi session as to be fair to those 80 participants paying and also used their precious time to attend last night talk. He has decided to embargo these two questions till end Apr 2017.




  1. CW,

    Hello! Put a time frame to your embargo lah!

    If not, you can't blog or talk about the above 2 topics forever and ever you know?

    I not sure how much they paid you, but I know its too cheap to entail forever and ever!

    Readers out there no worries!

    Just as long you jio me along for kopi, you can still ask CW the above 2 topics even if there's a life time embargo.

    There's a loop hole. CW can't answer but I can answer on his behalf mah!

    I don't call myself a man-whore for nothing. I super cheap!

    Remember 1 kopi hor!

  2. Uncle,

    I agree with SMOL. I know you want to be fair.

    But looking at the amount the attendee paid, multiple by the total attendees and divided by number of presenters, I have excluded the topics covered by each presenter, the embargo should not be forever. Anyway people asking you and SMOL for coffee is also spending their time with you.

    There could be reasons for not attending the conference. e.g. timing issue

  3. CPF SA got max? Don't think so. Just can't do cash SA top up when SA reaches FRS.

  4. CPF is not stupid to let members taking advantage of 1.5% compounding edge. Like that high income earners become richer.

    It is not MAX SA. It is FRS that is shifting goal post. Inflation! Bo pian! This afternoon drank kopi-o. Up 10 cts liao!

  5. In other word; you can't brutal force your SA beyond FRS even you are richer than ordinary folks; but you want more SA; continue working :-)

  6. Hello temperament and CW,

    If CPF is a minor part of our overall net worth, we are immune to shifting of goal posts.

    If CPF is a major part of our retirement funds, then we are still in the matrix...

    What's the point to nickel and dime our CPF when we have not removed the shackles?

  7. I have checked with the Institute of Financial Literacy. After SA reaches the prevailing FRS, the interest earned in SA will still be credited to the SA.

  8. That is correct understanding as I hit FRS (during my pre-55 era it was known MSS but interests from MA above max was credited to CPF OA)

    Remember that I am financial statement rubbish collector. Every year I record down principal and interests for OA, SA and MA and after 55 OA, SA, MA and RA.


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