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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Excellent Market Timer Is Super Huat!!!

IF, IF and ONLY IF .....

The FACT is after many years of collecting dividends still cannot beat the sellers who can time the market. In practice; are there such expert market timers around?

Only DBS beats the super market timers! DBS is growth stock while the other two stocks are cyclic stocks.

Something to learn about the fact on hindsight.


  1. Wah CW!

    You got so many freehold properties.

    If you should include in which year the properties go freehold then it is more "令人兴奋的经验".

    For me, i got nothing leh.

    But going forward, will OIL be replaced by alternative energies?

    Will Ocean ways be replaced by Railways?

    Some article i read recently even WIFI may be replaced by more powerful technology not too far in the distance.

    Maybe it will not in our lifetime

    But i think it is a matter of time as Human beings always think They can be GOD one day.

    Still WB is always right - Coca Cola is the real Thing not technology or man-made machines.

    Ha! Ha!

  2. Hi Uncle CW,

    Wah so huat, win liao lor. Think I will need some kopi sessions too to get freehold properties like you :) Great job!


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