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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Roaming The Streets Of Singapore With BMW (Bus, MRT, and Walk) - 2

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With this surgical operation to fix the Hernia; Uncle8888 confirmed this thinking as below:

With Uncle8888's eyes wide open with an unhurried mind; what he actually saw and got him thinking and thinking ...

What is physically external to our body; we can do something preventive to at least slow down the weakness; but what is internal in our body; we can't really do much. Even with stronger financial resources; it doesn't really help.

Our organ and tissues inside our body. Our mind - Dementia!!!

Scary thought!

Doctor told him that it is hard to pin-point the root cause of his Hernia. It could be due to his earlier than expected aging of tissues; his daily pull-up; sit-up; leg-up exercise; carrying of heavier weight or due to the two weeks of chronic cough before he began to notice something was not right. The difficulty of detection of abnormality when there is no pain present to sound an alarm.


  1. CW,

    Crash but no sound; now that's indeed scary!

    LP, here's the example of you asked for ;)

    Silent killers like high blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer, coronary artery disease, etc; just to name a few.

    By the time we felt the pain, its usually too late...

    Hey! I lucky or what? Now that I am 50, I qualify for the $5 medical checkups to be introduced by big daddy end of this year!


  2. A blood pressure monitor device and (diabetes)blood sugar level test device use by most clinics can be purchased quite cheap if necessary.

    Though hernia can be caused by even cough too violently, it seems mostly happen to people who exercise a lot.

    Base on hearsay only.

    To me, we all need God's Blessings.

    If something "bad" happens, we need His Blessings even more.

    Else how to carry on - living?
    (Like my stock portfolio, i lost 50% in 2008/2009)

    May God Bless Us All.

    Believers or Non-believers


    1. Often with those who do weight lifting. Even one guy doing yoga also has it. Doc said you over stretch. Then yoga no stretching still yoga? ha ha

    2. CW,

      Hello, you think professional weight lifters wear the belt for what?

      Everything in moderation.

      Exercise is to stay healthy. To get sports/exercise injuries that means we are OVERDOING it!

      Once in a taxi and the driver told me his brother over jogged until now in his 50s, his knees and ankles all worn out. Had difficulty walking without aid.

      Even exercise is not straight line extrapolation :(

    3. Crash no sound. That is what LP is looking for

  3. Take care CW888.

    Hernia recovery may take couple of weeks.

  4. Some is too obsessive in weight lifting until every body part also becomes a problem.

    1. The issue is Crash No Sound and that is why many didn't notice it until too late! No difference from Big C.


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