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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

I Am Liability To The Team!!!

Read? Random thoughts: Coporate Rats out there, We can be happy rats

As corporate rats; we will run the Mill as dictated by Top Down and corporate development scene. We as rats running or spinning will have little control over how we should run the Mill. 

The day may arrive sooner than expected that we are no longer that happy rats running that old Mill. The Mill is unknowningly shifted or changed.

As Manager over the years Uncle8888 has received quite a number of resignation letters and have to sit down with them to TRY to uncover the true reason behind the resignation.

This guy's reason was uncommon and came as big surprise. He told Uncle8888: "I am liability to the Team!" and that was the reason he has to leave!

The day we no longer enjoy spinning the Mill as rat; we unknowingly become Liability to the Team!

How many unhappy rats have that guilt in them and choose to leave?

Those who have reached some level of financial comfort?

That guy has one investment property for rental; may be he has not reached financial independence; but may be financially comfortable to feel the guilt and walk out and seek elsewhere to spin the next mill as happy rat.


  1. i know i was always a liabilty in the end because no matter how hard i run as one of the rats in the mill, i just somehow failed to run as they run.

    May be that's why i feel much more comfortable in the stock market, for all these years

    How i run is my business and nobody really cares.

    If i fall my business.

    If i rise also my business.

    "Hua Hee Tu Ho".

  2. CW,

    He say you believe.

    What your underling meant to say is he can't and won't work with asshxxxs anymore!

    Since he got super high EQ, just in case his future employer calls you for work references, he got the street smarts to leave on a "good note" and not "burn his bridges" ;)

    This is what our 5000 years of Chinese wisdom say - retreat in order to advance (以退为进).

    Since you are his manager, that makes you his biggest asshxxx!?


    Don't hit the face!

    1. LOL!

      In fact; I have been liability for long time too. Same same!

  3. I am definitely a liability to my team :) but leaving voluntarily is akin to leaving cash on the table via unvested share options... So just got to hang out until balls come out...

    So much for stock options and the alignment of interests :)

  4. Haha i am also liability! Not even 30, not even FI, but no ambition to progress in job, just want to finish work quickly and go home early enjoy other parts of life. Really struggling to come to terms with my lack of ambition. How to cure ah?

  5. Aiyo CW,

    U all all too shy la. We are all liability and assets. That's why it's a balance sheet. Lol

    Your ex-colleague, where got liability ? Lol
    He is just trying to delist and relist somewhere or later for higher valuation LOL


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