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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Smart Money Grabbers over dummy investors (8)

Read? Smart Money Grabbers over dummy investors (7)

Read? New app to track big players' share trades

CW8888: Good to read the words coming from ex "Guru" or Snake Oil King to become rich in trading!

One colleague paid $8K for a couple special rate discount so that the couple can trade together to get rich faster.

One Guru may have gone but a few more new Gurus will appear to take money from unending source of weak minded Bei Kambing.

Bei Kambing never learn or they are too young to know about history of "Gurus" or Snake Oil Kings promising you how to become rich in the market? You can do it! Register fast. Thank you for full house event. LOL!

Mr Chiang was involved in a well-publicised case in 2009, when people who had paid to attend his options trading seminars sued him for refunds after discovering his PhD was from an unaccredited university.

Mr Chiang said: "I paid the price for that mistake and lost my business and, worse, my credibility among some people...

"But I try to improve myself and I try to grow from there."

Spiking is backed by Quest Ventures and a grant from the National Research Foundation. Mr Chiang hopes to close a $1 million seed-funding round in the next few months to fund expansion into Hong Kong and Australia.


  1. personally rule no.1 in my dealings with people - never give benefit of doubt to people who have already demonstrated questionable ethics. People never change. They always say they change. but they never change.

    also, you can never identify big boys unless after the fact. spike already, got use to know a few hours after the spike?
    you can adjust, big boys can also adjust. they adjust their timings and adjust it faster than you adjust. that's why they are big boys.

    as bei kambings, you can only grow faster in knowledge and makan other bei kambings.
    unless you grow in life (and career) to become a shark.

    normally, growth in trading/investment comes after growth in life/asaperson.

    so I always try to grow in life, business and as a person.
    slacking in this area and still hoping to earn easy money in another is either unsustainable or just a hope.

  2. CW,

    No one in their right mind will pay $$$ to attend a seminar so that they can be "instant" lawyers or doctors - we know it takes years of study and craftsmanship to attain the level of competence to earn that million dollar payslip.

    But if its trading, investing, internet marketing, writing apps, and what not; bei kambings believe it can be done over a seminar!? Just because they put EASY and ANYONE COULD DO IT on the ads?

    More clear-headed people would KNOW we earn more than others precisely of the opposite!!! Duh!

    The proof of the pudding if you believe in instant this or that, why stress and slog send your kids to universities?

    It's a lot cheaper to encourage them to quit school at 16 and send them to these instant, easy, anyone can do it seminars?

    Cannot be what's good for you is not good for your kids right?

    1. Same as the theory of compounding. We should start investing as early as possible to benefit from compounding effect.

      But, as practical, realistic and hand-on dad in the real world of investing who knows this thing called negative compounding effect which is seldom talk about y financial writers and bloggers. So I believe that it is better for my kids to start right then to start earlier while accumulating more in account size to start it right.

      Dad knows better?


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