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Saturday 30 April 2016

Are We Frugal When We Need Medical Treatment? We Need Class A???

How bad are the food in B1 for this frugal blogger who believe in practice even when he is dying without an entitlement mindset?
Not much different to his typical chye fan meals except missing his favorite fish item. This is understandable as fish is not cost effective as meal item.



  1. Uncle 8888

    Actually not much difference other than a single room ( some with chiller ) compared to 4 bedder. ( more lively can chit chat )Single room aircon can control, compared to centralised units.

    Take care and have a speedy recovery uncle 8888.

  2. Oh dear ! Take care & get well soon !!!!

  3. I stayed B1 before. Quite good! But the best is still stay at home!

    Even I die also wanna die at home dun wanna die in the hospital!

    Speedy recovery!

  4. the important thing is: after an experienced doctor is already treating you and you are feeling better as a result, don't let another eager young doctor keep examining you and adjusting your medication.

    Yes, they are eager to learn and it is kind of a conundrum where they don't get experience without you giving them the chance. the question then becomes: do you want to be their experience?

    1. I certainly looked like one kind uncle. One 4th medical student came to me during observation in the holding area.

      Student: Uncle, can I chit chat with you?

      Me: Sure.

      Then he started to ask questions, thinking and taking notes and asking, thinking and taking notes.

      Student: Can I examine you?

      Me: Can. (In fact, I was already examined by the Doctor at A&E, taken ECG, Chest X-Ray and blood tests while waiting for MRI scan on brain)

      Student started his examination and testing me on hand, fingers co ordination. Body, hand and leg resistance tests. (BTW, these were same tests or procedures that have also been done at A&E)

      Me: Everything okay?

      Student: Look good!

      Me: Why I fainted twice? Doctor said it is abnormal to faint twice in short duration.

      Student is thinking hard and silent:

      Me: Not in your text book arh?

      Student smiled back!

    2. it is okay if it is something simple.

      I have real life situations where student after student wants to examine flesh wound and they thought their ward nurses can just bandage back the same way as a specialist clinic nurse bandage. hello! real world not the same as textbooks okay!

      each dressing by a specialist clinic nurse is something a ward nurse cannot do.

      they expect to learn at the inconvenience and cost of the patient!

    3. it is not that government hospital cannot stay but you need to be more discerning as a patient. So you are not taken advantage of to your detriment.


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