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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Recent Visit To Changi Hospital C Ward on last Saturday and Yesterday

Ward C!

His relative has been awarded for a few days.

No aircon. No TV.

Uncle8888 didn't hear his relative cow pa cow bu about the facility or meals; but worry about staying too long and incur higher medical bill.

Whose who hardly can afford will graciously accept it. No need to compare it. Right?

This is between Money and Choice or Default to C Ward!


  1. gahmen coming up with integrated shield B. see what they give.

  2. CW,

    People forget big daddy's priority is to ensure those who can't afford can still get medical care.

    That's why Medishield life is for those who can afford class B2 or C only.

    If you can afford higher class wards or private hospitals, go ahead! No one stopping you.

    Just pay as you go.

    Similarly, no one can stop a billionaire from staying in class C ward if that billionaire just loves to save money (he can't help it). But don't let us hear him complaining about the food or lack of air-con!


    1. Only when we or loved ones are sick we recognize the correlation of Money and Happiness/Unhappiness, and that is reason why one of the Three Taps solutions is designated for medical and health care fund. See Building Sustainable Retirement Income For Life

  3. The G should/must upgrade the B2 & C class with aircon ward.

    Aircon is everywhere and we are use to it, i.e. bus station, bus, taxi, library, government offices, etc. Why not include the B2 & C ward?

    Aircon is a basic needs and not wants.

    Medical professionals also can enjoy aircon environment and be more productive.

    1. ...The G should/must upgrade the B2 & C class TO aircon ward.

  4. consider yourself lucky don't have to put up at the Emergency Ward for more than 24 hours because Hospital run out of C Ward.

    Kent Ng

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