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Friday 29 April 2016

FLU With High Fever : The Hidden Fatal Risk For Senior Citizens

This post The Nature Of Ants and Grasshoppers could have been the last post here!

Uncle8888 was down with flu with high fever last Sunday and Monday on one day MC.

BTW, who doesn't have flu with high fever?

After one MC day, Tuesday morning he got up as usual but with some giddiness felt. He went to pass his first urine and then proceeded to brush his teeth ....

He fainted!

Crash got sound (SMOL)

Auntie8888 rushed out and found him lying on the ground with tooth paste foam all over his mouth and she finally managed to wake him up.

Auntie8888: "You know where are you?"

Uncle8888: "Sleeping!"

Auntie8888: "You fainted!"

Uncle8888: Hmm ...

But, he still managed to sit up and rested for a while. Nothing unusual felt so he stood up and continue to brush his teeth. After brushing his teeth; while he was washing his face; he fainted again!

This time, Auntie8888 saw it coming but was too slow to grab hold of him!

Crash got bigger sound (SMOL)

His head hit against the kitchen's window wall white tiles.

This time took awhile for him to wake up and Auntie8888 has called for ambulance.

A common flu with high fever that ended up with 4 days stay at Tan Tock Seng with many tests done to narrow down the root cause of uncommon two spells of fainting within half-an-hour.

Brain scan
Chest X-Ray
Liver, stomach, intestine ultra sound
Heart (main suspect) - Two rounds of ECG

Drawing a few tubes of blood for more tests and since he is NPC survivor, doctor included other tests to detect any cancer relapses.

The doctor kept repeating to know how was his urine behavior since he is near 60. Possible prostate cancer may be the doctor's main concern.

Fortunately, all blood tests and other tests cleared.

Assoc Professor who is the ward teaching consultant concluded that the fainting was due to severe dehydration from high fever and causing BP to fall so low to trigger the sudden fainting.

The second morning BP test result was still so low.

Nose and throat swab tests further confirmed it was FLU!

The Moral of the Story ....

Life is fragile.

One incident of FLU with high fever may contain hidden fatal risks for senior citizens.

Uncle8888 did learn something from this incident. Men must take note of falling risk during high fever. The morning first pee will lower our BP. During high fever over the night our body may be dehydrated and causing the BP to drop. The first pee added another drop. That additional drop in BP may trigger the fainting.


  1. Hello CW, hope you have a speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks

      Discharged with low white blood cell count and still not too normal reading of 109/74 with special instruction to rest at home and to go back immediately if any giddiness felt. Next Tuesday, go for another blood test. The hospital beds are full.

      Waiting time for bed can be up to 7 to 10 hrs upon confirmation for admission and excluding waiting time for screening.

  2. Uncle

    Take care and recover soon

    Was wondering how come so long u nvr post

  3. Bro8888!

    Take care of yourself! I know what you mean when you said first peeing...I had a bout of flu and fever too, so it really was faintish when I tried to stand still. Be strong!

    1. Men with bad flu with very high fever overnight. Don't cheong to toilet and pee like a man. It is safer to pee like woman. :-)

  4. Dear CW,
    Pray you recover well.

  5. Speedy recovery Uncle, must have gave Auntie a terrible shock.

    See you back on pcn or HG library real soon!

    1. Auntie later became so angry. You going to retire soon and after fainting you still thinking going to work instead of going back to sleep. Thinking back. Bloody stupid!

  6. CW,

    You stay frisky you hear!?

    You are prolific in your postings and when you go on holidays, you would announce it.

    These last few days of radio silence was so not you.

    I was thinking you had an "accident" during one of your runs and maybe in hospital...

    Glad you still have a sense of humour.

    "You know where are you?"


    Brilliant! LOL!

    Well, looking at the bright side, you had a complete full medical examination for 2016! Checked and tripled checked!!! Lucky they never require you to do a colonoscopy... Ouch!

    Eh, since life is fragile, once you feeling better, let's have coffee. (my email at my blogger profile)

    Let's poke each other face to face.

    Don't just go like that! So "lude"!

    1. Oh .. you reminded me.

      Missd out stool check.

      My asshole was screwed by the doc to suck out the stool. Think 1 to 2 mins of sharp pain.

      No more virgin asshole. Run out of money can be man whore. LOL!

    2. That's nasty!

      Can't they have waited till you needed to take a "dump" naturally?

      That's Singapore's efficiency for you. Everything need to be quick, fast, and done yesterday...

      Oh! Welcome to the club for man whores ;)

      My regret is I were too young to have visited the real Bugis during its heydays :(

      From what I've read from our Nostalgia bloggers, our Singapore's Bugis' reputation won't lose to Bangkok's Patpong ;)

    3. Hi CW,

      God bless you and speedy recovery. I am sure you will stay strong!

      I got that backside poke many times when I was hospitalized too!

      Hi Jared,

      I dun mind meet for coffee if I not travelling: My email is rolfsuey@gmail.com.

      Look forward to seeing u guys.

  7. A Prof posted this question to the group of medical students.

    First spell found lying beside the basin

    Second spell move a distance and hit the wall.

    Guess their answer?

    1. CW,

      Ans 1. Drinking so early in the morning?

      Ans 2. Wear crash helmet lah!

      Ans 3. Idiot! Do same thing over and over hoping to get a different result?

      Ans 4. Can repeat prof? (The classic delaying tactic)

  8. CW888,

    Wish you speedy recovery.

    Health is Wealth.

    Take care.

  9. wah take good care ah uncle.

    must always drink plenty of water, nevermind wake up to pee.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Uncle...get a blood pressure monitor...be more careful n sit down if need...avoid food like ginger etc which lower blood pressure..get well soon..u will be ok one

  12. Uncle...get a blood pressure monitor...be more careful n sit down if need...avoid food like ginger etc which lower blood pressure..get well soon..u will be ok one


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