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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Count down to Senior Citizen status on 14 Sep 2016 and enjoy senior citizen benefits!

Uncle8888 is looking forward to his unlimited travel on bus and MRT (BMW) for $60 per month for local sightseeing and food hunts!

Anyone providing free kopi somewhere to hear his investing stories and strategies since his transportation cost has been fixed and time is free? LOL!

Concession Pass


Hybrid Concession Pass (HCP)
Unlimited rides on basic bus services and trains$60


  1. Hi bro8888,

    Come this year end, I'll look for you to celebrate your big milestone :)

    1. I look for you in Bedok as my transport cost has been fixed and time is free. LOL!

    2. if you "Chiat Ka Kee" do you have to spend so much on travel expenses?
      Maybe as i am driving most of the times, i won't really know.
      i think the $60 concession pass comes with some restrictions?
      Like not allow on peak traveling hours or what?

      Anyway congratulations, senior citizen.
      Start to enjoy your life by "KLKK" like SMOL.
      My KLKK really is just "KLKK" for myself and family.

    3. temperament,

      The Senior Citizen Concession Card no restrictions one. That's why CW so happy! Can take 1 bus stop rides if too tired to walk. Maciam tourist trasnport pass when we travel overseas :)

      The one with restrictions is Adult Off-Peak Pass. Very good for those of us who work shifts. My retail sales colleagues all got one - can save quite a bit.

      I wait patiently. 10 more years to go ;)

    4. $60 : Unlimited rides for basic bus and mrt service i.e. exclude night riders

      $40 : Off peak rides only

      Think for $20 more, let ride without worry and time restriction.

    5. Hi uncle 8888

      The default monthly concession for bus and mrt is double the price.

      It's worth if one likes to go out of their area to jiak breakfast and lunch or even dinner daily.

    6. Is this concession pass applicable to kranji to JB SBS 170 service? Any senior citizen aware?

    7. CW,

      Crash got sound.

      Go try it and let us know!

      And bring some small change just in case ;)

  2. CW,

    Come end of the year, you can join the Senior Citizen queues at NTUC on Tuesday ;)

    2% off is still money saved :)

    1. on top of usual rebate :-)

      My ToTo craze colleagues said next time, for ToTo prize > $6M, it will be my job to queue at hot spot for Group ToTo. LOL!


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