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Monday, 18 April 2016

A well-planned retirement can be meaningful and enjoyable!

CW8888: True! Here you can also read Real People. Real Story about one Ant and his planned retirement in Sep 2016.

Unlike Grasshoppers they got lucky when Mother Nature said to them "Time to Retire. Go , go, go ... and dance in the rain"

See the difference?

What if they are unlucky, work until drop dead arh?

We reap what we sow or let Mother Nature drops free Lunch?


  1. CW,

    The same can be said for "what if tomorrow never comes"...

    I don't think Dennis, Curtis, and Michael planned to leave us so soon...

  2. It doesn't mean, when one's retired you stopped meaningful work. Stopped to engage and gain wider experience. Stay at home rot and die lonely. Go out do something. I can travel in a financially sustainable way by fruit picking, odd job, couchsurfing and air bnb. Improve our streetsmarts, adventure and not nuah. While
    at home, take up hourly paid jobs, like security guard, kitchen helper, RWS, zoo guides. The hardworking will not starve if don't set your expectations are too high.

  3. When retired, one can spend more time engaging his/her hobbies, do social/voluntary works, serve in church or temple or clan association etc. All these are meaningful activities that are fulfilling. The author of the article says it right: be prepared financially and mentally.

    Life is not just work and work till the end.


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