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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Planning & Tracking Financial Goals and Household Expenses!

Planning & Tracking Financial Goals and Household Expenses is NOT THE SAME as Giam Siap/NOT spending much money. (Extreme frugality)

Those who are really good at their planning & tracking financial goals and household expense like Ants can still afford to spend prudently. 

Why does Grasshoppers like to think that Ants don't spend and dance in the Rain?

Are Ants perpetual hoarder of wealth and die Rich and Grasshoppers will die penniless?

Real Tracking. Real Spending.

Any visible sign of hoarding money in the Banks?

One colleague was telling Uncle8888 that if he started tracking his household expenses his spouse will be very unhappy.

He is like many others who are mistaken.

Tracking household expenses is NOT SAME as controlling expenses.

We track our household expenses to maintain good records of past household expenses so that we will know how much is enough for retirement income with high level of confidence.


  1. I super like the OCBC's Money In$inght, that summarise money in-flow and outflow, with categories (user define).

    Every transactions (credit card, ATM, etc) is recorded and categorize. The spending chart is nicely done as well.

  2. That's right. Tracking household expenses is necessary for projecting the retirement income required. In any case, expense reduction naturally starts to happen once we begin tracking expenses since we can now identify any excessive spending areas.


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