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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Know Your Monthly Family Living Expenses First Before Knowing How Much Is Enough For FIRE???

End of May 15. Here is the update.

The fact is that we don't just spend and spend. It is more like fishing. Some time we pull it tight. Sometime we let it loose. Too tight or too loose is NOT the correct way to do it. 

Our monthly family spending pattern should look more like waves. No? 

If not, we may be heading towards future financial issues if every month our family living expenses maintain at high level. Right? 


  1. Last month we spend too much (loose the line) so this month we consciously cut it down (tighten the line)

    1. Your spending chart like earthquake Richter magnitude scale... lol

    2. LOL!

      Swensen's Earthquake is sweet and good.


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