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Friday, 29 May 2015

Dumb Luck or Damn Hard work, Damn Patience and Damn Discipline???

Over decades of market cycles of Bulls and Bears'; and even many more countless waves of UPs and DOWNs in the market; after every decade of actions in the market when you look at your bank account; you are smiling or even better you are laughing!

OMG! I have arrived. FIRE!

When someone asked you; how you did over these decades of actions in the market.

Now you start thinking back ....

Dumb Luck 


Damn Hard work, Damn Patience and Damn Discipline?

Give Win-Win answer.

It is dumb luck!

Lucky never sell my winners. 
Lucky got take profits before market crashes. 
Lucky got cut losses before market crashes. 
Lucky got big war chest. 
Lucky this. Luck that.

This type of answer will NOT trigger any defensive reply or response.

You happy! I am happy!


  1. Replies
    1. CW,

      Now you're learning!

      "Pure dumb luck" reply is not only a sign humility, it's a good way to filter out those strangers we don't know who just want to freeload on us without contributing anything ;)

      The conversation stops. LOL!

      Of course to those who asked the "right" questions, we can continue the discussion as its likely to be a 2 way discourse ;)

      To aspiring snake-oil salespersons out there, next time you see me buy me a drink OK?

      I've just showed you how to "encourage" your clients to reveal their true motivations by "poke, poke, poke". Very often, the "rejections" by our clients are mere "excuses". We need to get to their real source of concern or hesitations before we can construct our sales talk to address it.

      Should you design your sales argument to address "goal settings" or "hard work, patience, discipline"?

      Very often, clients have no clue what they really want ;)

      Steve Jobs is the master in this field of figuring out what consumers really want before customers do!


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