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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Being Frugal???

British Dictionary definitions for frugal




1. practising economy; living without waste; thrifty

2. not costly; meagre

Sometime, Uncle8888 seriously don't understand the few bloggers who are constantly preaching on this topic: Being frugal to become more wealthy; you are on your way to your financial independence.

One of those few quoted examples is this one.

Drinking coffee/tea during tea-breaks if your office have formal or informal tea-breaks.

Drinking free 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 coffee/tea from your office pantry is being frugal and help to save more money to become more wealthy.
Uncle8888 rarely drinks his free 2-in-1 coffee from his office pantry. He walks out of the building to the coffee shop to drink his kopi-O siew dai. 

So his monthly cost for two kopi-o sessions per working day is about $40.

By not saving $40 more per month; he is not being frugal?

So what is being fugal?

living without waste

Is drinking kopi-o at coffeshop is living WITH waste?


Being frugal or Overly obsessed with saving?



  1. I concur. Some people are overdoing this frugal crap at times.

  2. Hi CW,

    I agree. Those type of frugal is living without taste! Not waste!


  3. Lucky I didn't even drink coffee, one less trouble to think about :D

  4. Frugal to me mean:

    1. No chicken (prostitute)
    2. No Smoking
    3. No alcohol
    4. No Gambling (Casino, 4D, etc)

    Save lots of money not doing the above.

  5. Hi bro8888,

    So naughty :)

    I think being frugal means you don't spend what you don't value on. If you don't value on coffee, spending a few dollars extra on it doesn't mean anything to you, so might as well go for the cheapest. I think frugality is not just about absolute numbers, it's about whether your spending is in line with your values. If it's not, it's not frugal.

    I don't spend money on drinks when I'm eating alone because I bought my own water bottle. But when I meet with friends, I don't mind drink $10 on premium coffee and cakes. I also spend on the cheapest ballpoint pens for my own use, but don't mind buying $150 for a haversack bag. How to make sense of me? Hahaa

    1. E.g. Walking under hot Sun to save on bus fare is being frugal. Not sure how many can agree?

  6. A thin line between being frugal or giam siap. Some people mixed them up.

    e.g. Saving on kopi o sessions of $40 per mth but took office pantry 3 in 1 is not frugal. It is more of seeking value at other's cost. Frugal is more of instead of drinking premium coffee at Starbucks or Coffee Beans, a kopi o at coffeeshop is an acceptable alternative;

    Walking under hot sun to save bus fare is not being frugal. However, using a bus / MRT instead of the car is being frugal. My opinion only. No offence, no defence.


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