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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Keep your Goals on hand and close to your ear and face???

A goal is a dream with a deadline — Napoleon Hill

How does Think And Grow Rich address goal setting?

Read? How To Set Goals – Lessons From Napolean Hill & Tim Ferriss

1. Determine exactly how much money you desire – don’t be vague.

2. Determine exactly what you intend to do in order to earn the money you desire. What value are you going to offer? Remember, there is no free lunch.

3. Establish an exact date for when you plan to possess the amount of money you desire.

4. Establish a definite plan for achieving your desire, and start right this moment, whether or not you feel you’re ready.

5. Write out a clear statement of how much money you are going to acquire (the amount from step 1), what you intend to do in exchange for the money (the value from step 2), the date you’ll acquire it by (the date from step 3), and your specific, actionable plan for reaching the desired monetary goal (the plan from step 4).

6. Twice daily, read your written statement out loud to yourself. Do it once in the morning, and once at night. While you read the statement, visualize yourself executing on your plan and visualize the money in your possession.

The goal setting principles above fit into a larger framework of what Hill calls creating “burning desire to win”, but it is essential to the framework presented in Think And Grow Rich. While Hill focuses on goal setting as it applies to financial success (the book is called Think and Grow Rich after all), the same principles can be applied to anything you want to achieve.


Do you set your goals like talking in the coffee-shop? 

Talk talk only and do very little follow up to visualize and realize your goals. 

Ya!You may not arrive on time as planned. So what!  But, you finally arrive at your goals. This is what it should be for all who have goals and plans! 

Most importantly we KNOW that we have ARRIVED!

Uncle8888 keeps his goal on hand and closely to his ear and face!

This is the way how he visualizes his goals. His mobile phone's wallpaper.



  1. CW,

    Its amazing how you spend time and effort into researching and googling just to prove a point!?

    I guess this "competence" to look up your own facts do come in handy for your stock picks. Wink, wink.

    By the way, the website link was to a modern day shepherd blogging about what one shepherd wrote after interviewing lots of LAND OWNERS.

    It's better for readers to read the original book by Napolean Hill to get the whole context and perspective (the book is not just about goal setting), and even better if we can spend some time with land owners ourselves!

    Anyone tried buying shoes from internet? LOL!

    By the way, I bet you never read out your goals out loud twice a day, did you? Bad sheep... Never follow simple instructions ;)

    Eh? You customised it to your mobile instead? That's not a sheep like behaviour. If I'm a shepherd, I'll earmark you for slaughter. Don't want to give other sheep ideas...

    We have spiritual freedom in Singapore. If you want to "sembahyang" to your goals, all the power to you!!!

    There are others who prefer to "submit to thy will".


  2. Remember reading one blogger trying out his shoes at store and then buy the same type of shoe online cheaper. Ya. Good idea. But; what you see and get is not what he has tried. Same har?

    1. Do we buy shoes by trying it out and then say to the sales folk. Get me one new pairs!!!


  3. CW,

    If everyone like that I'll lose my weekend job liao... Face-palm.

    Tuesday I went to watch Mad Max and at the ticketing counters, there are 2 touch screen machines on the right where customers may choose to buy tickets themselves....

    And in Tokyo, some Ramien shops require us to place our orders with a vending machine. Save one human order taker and more hygienic since the cook don't have to have contact with money... Wait, Ajisen Singapore makes me place my orders through a tablet...

    I better don't talk too loud. I started out with placing orders to my dad's remisier... Now I do everything on-line... Red-faced.

    Ants and grasshoppers should not just stare at goals and navel gaze at dreams. We both should keep a look out least we are squashed by the giant foot of machines!


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