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Sunday, 17 May 2015

For Most Of Us, The Sad Truth About Our Human Asset And Why We Need To Think About It???

The Sad Truth of Uncle8888's Human Asset when he finally awaken and knowledge it in his 40s; but luckily it was not too late for him.

The Way of Human Asset  ...

The Way of Financial Assets  ...

Supported or supplemented by The Way Of Financial Assets - Let his money works harder for him to offset or supplement the weakening power of his human asset.

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  1. Even with a single household income with five mouths to feed; it is all about prudent family expenses budgeting and spending XX% of LAST YEAR's net bonus (after deducting income taxes) and adjusting for this year and next year economic outlooks and forecast.

    Don't ever get caught by liquidity needs and get squeeze so tight that we have to cut losses to lock in negative return. That is terrible!

  2. Sometimes I think that uncle is lucky for singaporean expansion of immigratory plans and capital expenditure in the early noughties.


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