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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

It is rather dumb to compare betting ToTo to Investing in the stock market???

Read this somewhere in the cyber world ...

"Whenever we are attracted to a big potential payoff, we may want to pause and think about the probability of actually obtaining the payoff. Case to point: the grand prize for Singapore’s TOTO Jackpot may offer millions of dollars, but the odds of winning is an equally daunting 13,983,816 to one."

How much can we lose in betting ToTo in our lifetime by betting for two draws per for 52 weeks per year for 60 years?

We probably will lose $XX,XXX in our lifetime. 

Can anyone compound $XX,XXX in the stock market to $X,XXX,XXX in their lifetime even they are super lucky in their stock pick?


  1. CW,

    We are nice people.

    We don't ask that questioner whether he got buy critical illnesses, travel or accident insurances or not? Whether got check with an actuary what are the odds of a person actually making a claim on these policies?



    1. Singapore Pools has proven to make any ordinary folks into instant millionaires every few other week. Could Singapore Stock Exchange turn any ordinary folks into millionaires after few market cycles of Bulls and Bears?

      You see on 4 May 15. One instant millionaire walks away with $2.4m

      Group 1 $2,433,920 1

  2. Assuming one starts with $6,240 today and a rate of return for compounding is X% for 60 years,

    @ 4.4% - 82,644
    @ 6.4% - 258,037
    @ 8.4% - 788,753
    @ CW rate 8.7% - 931,016
    @ Warren Buffet 2005-2014 rate 10.1% - 2 Million

    1. In 60 years, Singapore Pools will help to produce up to 6,240 instant millionaires. Hopefully, the God of Fortune will reward hardcore ToTo punters like SMOL and CW88888 among those instant millionaires.


    2. 60 years to realise effect!?

      That means one must start investing as a baby in our mother's womb if we want to start to enjoy the windfall at age 60...

      If we start investing at 20, whopee doo! At the wonder age of 80, we become millionaires!!!

      Past the age of 20? How?



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