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Monday, 24 June 2013

No where to hide as the sky is falling! (2)

No where to hide as the sky is falling!

STI dropped!

Gold dropped!

Bond dropped

Cash rotting!

Does Permanent Portfolio still effective in wealth preservation?

US bond funds lose a record US$47.2b in June: TrimTabs

Bond prices have been falling since the end of May when Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the US central bank could ease its US$85 billion a month purchases of bonds should the economy continue to recover - PHOTO: REUTERS

BOND mutual funds and bond exchange-traded funds have lost a combined US$47.2 billion in June, the biggest monthly loss on record and exceeding outflows in October 2008, the climax of the global banking crisis, according to research firm TrimTabs Investment Research.

TrimTabs said bond mutual funds shed US$39.9 billion this month through to June 18, while bond exchange-traded funds lost US$7.3 billion. In October 2008, US$41.8 billion flew out of the bond funds, the previous record amount.

"Fund investors are unloading bonds at a record pace," TrimTabs said.

"These record outflows are occurring even though the average bond fund's 5.0 per cent loss since the start of May pales in comparison to the losses at the height of the financial crisis."

1 comment:

  1. i cannot remember when does the central bank is giving away money like that. provided you dare to short those that they bought at near zero rate.

    when they unload it, money will flow into your pocket. but most likely they will hold til maturity.


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