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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Don't chase after Yield!


    1、付出就想马上有回报 ——适合做钟点工;

    2、期望能按月得到报酬 ——适合做打工族;

    3、耐心按年度领取年收入 ——是职业经理人;

    4、能耐心等待三到五年 ——适合做投资家;

    5、用一生的眼光去权衡 ——你就是企业家。


Why Uncle8888 can be so patient and not hungry for high yield stocks like REITs even he is close to depending on passive income?

One word to describe ...


*** Excluding dividend in specie for Kep Corp in 2012
Can high yield blue chips be found in the next Bear???


  1. Haha, the key to high yield is to buy the stock at extremely low price. With the company DPS increasing consistently and <50% payout ratio, we just sit tight and go fishing.

    On the other hand, one is very tempted to sell his share when the stock is multi bagger. Said if the stock appreciated 200%, and current yield is 12%, the Gain/yield is 16.7 times. Will you sell to take profit?

    Anyway, happpy problem to solve. :)

  2. Was wondering how PRC investor could hold on to his 20+ bagger for so long and finally deciding the right time to sell.

  3. I don't believe in Reits at all. Never invested in any of them. How many investors actually know how Reits work? Most Singaporeans just invest in them because of the yield. This kind of approach is flawed. I always believe that if you don't understand the business model, don't invest in the counter.

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