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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Reading and Mind Flip

Just for Laugh ...

I believe many of us may have spend some time reading books and articles related to personal finance, motivation, trading and investment, etc. We don't read such books or articles for fun. Right?

We might be looking for some good and useful ideas presented by the authors and we even want to try out these ideas on ourselves to see whether the ideas works for us.

Sometime, we may have momentary "aha effect" ; but after a while not much changes happened  to our life journey or financial life journey. We are likely to be more or less heading along the same path before "aha effect".

I believe to really change the course of our life journey or financial life journey and take a different path, we need more than just "aha effect" after reading such books or articles. We may need a Mind Flip i.e. blow the mind.

Take for example.

I believe many people have read this book: "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". How many people after reading it have experienced Mind Flip instead of AHA?

Read? Work for money? Forget it.

I can't recall their names and there are few more who were featured on thesundaytimes "Me and Money" have the similar Mind Flip after reading this book.  One of them is Sean Seah, the author of the recent book that I have read.. He too has that Mind Flip and decided to get out of Rat Race despite having a good career owing to his 1st Class Hons. in Business.

In order to have a Mind Flip, the Mind must first be Open and ready to be Flip; otherwise how to flip? LOL


  1. Hi CW8888,
    Yes, as an employee you work for money.
    As an Employer you make money work for you.
    But the real entrepreneur is one who creats value that people need and want.
    The more value he creats, the more $$$ should follow him.
    Example: Oliver Lum, Sim Wong Hoo, Adam Khoo, Keith brothers, etc.
    So till today, I am not sure being a "passive businessman" (investing in Sgx)what value I have created?


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