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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (4)

Read? Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (3)

How did Uncle8888 come into the stock market?

During Uncle8888 time, the easiest way to invest in stocks was through IPOs. There were no shortages of them. Sometime it could be more than one IPO in a month. This was how Uncle8888 got started in the stock market.

To tikam for IPOs, he would check with his colleagues. If there were more colleagues interested in them, he would try for them too. If Uncle8888 was lucky to kena these IPOs; he would try to sell them a few days later for quick profits. But, if Uncle8888 got stuck with his IPOs; he quickly consoled himself that he was a LONG-TERM INVESTOR to collect passive income and not to worry.

Probably, that was the general behaviour of some retail investors who were happy to make some coffee money here and there.

BTW, are you not behaving the same way as Uncle8888 in his old days for the recent IPOs?

Has the behaviour of some retail investors doing IPOs changed nowadays?

No! Absolutely not as Uncle8888 recalled some people were congratulating each other over their quick IPO profits. But, if unfortunately when they got stuck in their IPOs, overnight they quickly changed their minds to become long-term passive income investors.

Uncle8888 then realized that there are few levels of seniority in retail investors in the stock market. All his sifus (a nicer word for "Lao Jiao" - in his office, these newbies or juniors called him sifu instead of calling him "Lao Jiao") that he knew of are not interested in "tikam" for IPOs. May be these "Lao Jiao" are greedier to make more money or they are just defending their reputation not to be seen by their brokers down-grading themselves to ONE LOTTER clients. LOL!

Uncle8888 thinks that "Tikam" for IPOs may be a personal indicator for you to watch - how successful or confidence with your investing?  The day when you realize you no longer tikam for IPOs anymore, you may have unknowingly progressed yourself to the level of "Lao Jiao" in the stock market.  You may wish to congratulate yourself on your promotion since you realize it now! Ha Ha.

To be continued ....

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