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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fundamental or Technical Analysis? (3)

"Much of technical analysis is magical mumbo-jumbo that people think will tell them where the markets going. And it never will. It's just a bunch of nonsense. Unfortunately, I've also participated in it" - Larry Williams

Read? Does Shorting always win in a bear market?

Last time, I  used to follow that honest Guru's cbox and blog everyday without fail. I was trying to learn from him as much as possible on TA since he is our local well-known full-time Chief Trainer and Chief Strategist in his School of Whatsoever Kung Fu Charting. He has even developed new indicators and modify/adapt some existing indicators to perform better in the current market environment.

Actually, I should thank him for helping me to STOP fooling myself in searching of better TA after seeing him clowning LIVE in front of my eyes in his blog with his failed trades.

I last heard he doesn't blog his trades anymore and his blog is dead!

Although I have stopped searching for better TA; I still do some simple TA for entries and exits so that I don't blame myself for making stupid mistakes when I failed.


  1. Hi CW

    So TA is nonsense...? Rather interesting view there from a "lao jiao" haha...

    Guess your article makes me think thrice about using TA the next time when making a trade. =)


  2. uncle8888

    which guru is that????? is it our friend who u paid $50 for???

  3. That Guru no Integrity.

    This Guru still have respect from me for being honest and bold to blog his trades online for everyone to see for themselves. Many other Gurus talked only.

  4. Hi Ming,

    You may wish to borrow this book from NLB: Trading Realities - The Truth, The Lies, and the Hype In-between - Jeff Augen But. But, it is quite cheem. LOL

  5. Hi CW,
    thanks for speaking up against TA. I think more singapore investment bloggers need to start being honest/bold with their TA. I backtested a few TA strategies here: http://processdriventrading.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/does-technical-analysis-work-results-from-the-past-5-years/ and you might like to know that TA does work over longer timeframes like month to month



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