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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (2)

Read? Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888

Uncle8888 loves to eat bread.

If you feel like giving him a treat of coffee and bread, it will be light on your wallet or purse. It is low cost and high value. LOL!

Although Uncle8888 feels good on eating breads; but he feels more shiok if he can buy more under-valued buns. He feels that under-valued buns offer better Margin of Shiokness.

How did Uncle8888 buy his under-valued buns?

He has Simple plan to buy under-valued buns without doing much analysis and taking too much time.

Uncle8888's favourite buns will cost him to pay anything from $1.50 to $3.50. Does he know which buns are under-valued? Obviously not. As a simple uncle living in HDB heartland he knows little about bread making and costs of ingredients.

But, he did notice that the  lowest price bun is not the best selling item and many customers are still buying the highest price bun. 

So is the lowest price bun under-valued because it is cheapest among all buns or the highest price bun is over-valued?

It is far too difficult for him to really know which buns are really under-valued; but he has a simple plan. He is quite sure that will buy under-valued buns. He waits for 9 PM.

At 9 PM, the bakery shop assistant puts a sign stating "$1.20 for all buns".

Without any doubts, he knows that all buns sold after 9 PM are under-valued; but it is matter of whether he can still get his favourite buns and enjoys higher Margin of Shiokness.

The moral of the story: It is simple to buy under-valued STI blue chips but it can only happen during certain times of the stock market conditions.

So when can you buy under-valued blue chips?

Well, it all depends who are you? What kind of shoppers are you and how often you regret missing sales and beating up your heart.
  1. Do you love bargain-hunting? When STI pullbacks up to -10%, it is good time for bargain hunters like you.
  2. Do you love discount coupons/promotional vouchers? When STI downs by -20%, it is good time for discount coupons cutters and discount vouchers lovers like you.
  3. Do you love Robinson Sales? When STI downs -30%, it is good time for Robinson's royal customers to hunt for their favourites in an exclusive shopping days.
  4. Do you love Great Singapore Sales? When STI downs -40%, it is good time for happy shoppers. Wow, so many things to buy on cheap hor.
  5. Do you love Singapore Closing Down Sales? When STI downs -50%, everything must go. Desperate selling!
Uncle8888 asks:
  1. Do you have the patience to wait?
  2. What is your buying habit? 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?
  3. Have you regretted of missing out the previous sales?
Once you know your buying habits and your regrets; it will become simple for you to buy; but Uncle8888 never say easy hor!

How does Uncle8888 buy?

If you have reading this blog since 2007, you may have noticed Uncle8888 loves to buy slowly from Bargain-hunting to Singapore Closing Down Sales.


  1. Hi CW,

    Haha.. I also wait for BreadTalk to put up signs which says 10 for $10. This is at the Novena Square branch.

    Sometimes, I would go to the Redhill Market where the bakery would sell the buns at 4 for $3 late at night. ;p

    I can identify with this post. :)

  2. let Drizzt rank what he thinks is the most unhealthy food, top being the most unhealthy

    1) white gluten flour based baked products (bread, pastries,cake)
    2) oily, fried, roasted, grill things
    3) meat non-organic (chicken, beef, mutton, unclean fish)
    4) meat organic

    Best Regards,


  3. Seriously sometime I wonder why? Such an unhealthy lifesytle and yet he lived so long.

    My late father-in-law lived till 92. He was a heavy smoker, heavy drinker, never like to eat vegetables and fruits, ate mostly (2) and (3).

    He died due to old age and not due to any of common 30 critical illness.

    May be he had good gene and he had very little stress with his job as he had a small shop selling personal care, toileteries, Chinese wedding stuffs, Big Sweep, etc. He just sat there happily smoking, drinking, dreaming and waiting for customers to come.

  4. Hi, CW8888,
    I have been practicing the same.
    But during each fire-sale market, I still buy with trepidation(提 心 掉 胆).
    I think that's why until today I am not satisfied with my marketing.
    You see why I use the name "Temperament".
    I hope I will get better and better with my temperament in investing and also with the help of back-up knowledge from all the blogging experts here.
    Thank you all of you.

  5. Hi,
    Sorry, it should be 提 心 钓 胆

  6. uncle8888
    thanks for the insight. Patience is a virtue, and also must have patience to accumulate bullets to shoot. haha!

  7. Hi CW,

    Yes, I strongly believe that longevity is a function of one's genes. My grandparents on my maternal side all lived to be very old.

    My paternal grandfather died young due to overconsumption of alcohol. Otherwise, would be quite hardy too. Paternal grandmother is still around.

    Biggest fear of my life: becoming old and destitute! I work to make sure that would never happen. Longevity is a curse without money.


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